CGIVault is online shop offering high resolution (up to 16K) texture kits  and panoramas (up to 50K) for CG artists.
This site and it`s content were created and managed by New York based 3D artist Dmitriy Grigoriev with a tremendous help of the talented and irresistible WordPress programmer Tatiana Abanina.

Raw images were taken with a digital camera, then stitched and carefully manipulated in the different digital software to get rid of lens distortion and aberrations, clean up, normalize, remove shadows, correct colors and brightness and make them tileable (if needed and if possible).

Many of texture providers keep original photo resolution resulting allegedly ultra high amount of the pixels but blurry textures.
All of the CGIVault final images were  scaled down at least twice without loosing any details in texture but keeping ZIP size reasonable.


All diffuse textures come with Normal and Height maps, some of them have Reflection map.
In most cases you can easily tweak HEIGHT map to use as a reflection map adjusting it by curves in your 3D or 2D software

Some of the texture kits are have different versions of the original, like REALISTIC and UNIFORM

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No credit card info is stored on CGIVault — all payments are processed via Paypal.
After checkout you will get an e-mail with download links. Number of downloads are limited (3) and links expires in 3 days

Prices vary and depend on the resolution, rarity, quality of images and my conscience.
If you have any questions comments or if you want to put your image in user gallery, feel free to contact me by email.